Royal Robbins Merinolux Flanel


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Fall in Colorado is always an adventure. The leaves change to gold and the air starts to get cooler… And then randomly it snows for 5 days strait only to return to 65 and sunny! Personally, I like to keep my wardrobe simple and that means having layers that are versatile. I am in love with this Merinolux Flannel from Royal Robbins that I got from It helps to regulate temperature so it works wonders in the ever changing weather that you get here in Colorado. It’s super soft and quick drying if it gets wet or sweaty. For me, this is such a classic look and I feel like it’s something that I’ll be able to wear year after year!

Recently, I wore it out on a walk with my new dog Tabor.. and by walk I mean drag haha! She doesn’t quite understand how a leash works yet but we are working on it. At least I was nice and warm the whole time so I could patiently provide her lots of treats for learning to stay by my sides.

I love shopping at because they have EVERYTHING I’m looking for when it comes to adventuring and looking good! I also love how easy it is to exchange things when I need another size. It truly is the best online shopping experience out there!

Looking forward to the next adventure!

Best wishes, Arielle

Arielle Shipe