Mental Health Holiday Challenge

My 28th Birthday wish…

Last year for my birthday I realized that I really had everything that I needed so, in lieu of accepting gifts, I raised over $4000 for a young girl with Leukemia and it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I thought to myself... How could I make this year even better? How could more people be helped? And it came to me. My birthday falls over the holiday season... A time where anxiety and depression skyrockets and the suicide rate dramatically increases. This year, I thought, why not take the celebration of my 28th lap around the sun to give people the best gift I've ever been given for mental health: Meditation. Stress and anxiety have always been big players in my life. During my college years my anxiety would even get so bad that I’d have panic attacks that would send me to the emergency room. Daily meditation has been my saving grace... Because it has taken me years to learn and get settled into a practice I wanted to make an easier route for individuals look to start a meditation practice of their own.

Our FB group will be updated daily from Nov 29th-Dec 29th (my birthday) with a daily meditation made specifically for beginners or individuals who are short on time as well as some of my best tips and tricks for reducing holiday stress. The wilder your mind is the more you need a practice like meditation to help you learn how to create space between your thoughts and in turn less stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Suggested donation: $20-$100 but give what you can! 100% of the money donated will go to International Relief Teams to support victims of the California Wildfires in the name of The Dream Life Revolution. This year’s goal is $5000!!

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