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5 Tips to Growing Your Instagram


1.     Quality Content

This is HUGE if your plan is to get more followers! No one (except maybe mom and dad) wants to see grainy or blurry photos… and even then, I’m sure they’d prefer to look at something sharp, bright and colorful! You don’t have to be a professional photographer or anything.. (truly!) but do take the time to take quality photos and use the best possible camera you have access to. Most phone cameras take high resolution pics but you just need to make sure you have enough light so they don’t come out grainy. Everyone is different but I tend to favor brighter colors for more contrast.

2.     Consistent Theme/Edits

When you see a pretty photo on Instagram you like it, right? And then if you like it enough you’ll click through to the persons profile and see what their feed looks like. If there are more photos like the one you just liked, you’ll follow them but if not, you’ll probably just return to scrolling. Am I right? People like photos that are beautiful but people will FOLLOW pages with a consistent theme. For example, for the most part, I stick to photos that are related to yoga and outdoor adventure. It’s not to say you can’t vary from time to time but a consistent look is KEY to building followers.

3.     Frequency

In accordance with tip one, don’t post just to post; only post when you have quality content because the current algorithm favors quality over quantity. My recommendation is to post once a day. 

4.     Timing

It matters. Especially when you have a smaller audience. The new Instagram algorithms don’t show posts in the chronological order, but the first hour your post is live will dictate its success. Know who your followers are (or the audience that want to follow you) and post when they’re online. Are they in the US? Are they on the east coast or west coast? Are they 9-5ers or night owls? If you know when they will to be online you are more likely to land in their feed within that first hour- which set your post up for continued success! My posts that hit this first hour right continue to grow for 2 to 4 days after I post!


5.     Engage

Don’t expect people to engage with you if you aren’t willing to do the same. Get to know your followers. Comment back. Go out into the Insta community that you want to be a part of and start supporting your fellow ‘grammers. Be authentic! I ignored this step for a long time but as soon as I started getting more involved I realized all the humans who have been interacting on my page are incredible. I’ve made numerous friends and have opened myself up to lots of exciting opportunities.

Some specifics:

1. commenting on at least 5-10 photos directly before or after you post seems to dramatically increase how much your new post is seen by others

2. comments must be more than 4 words to really affect algorithm. It's best to write thoughtful comments that encourage a response. *bonus* Include emojis and tag someone in the comment if possible! 

3. respond to the comments on your new post as quickly as possible for the first 30-45mins. (again- this just helps supercharge your first hour which boost the post for a few days after posting)



 BONUS TIP-The Most Important of All!

           Don’t let the numbers on a screen dictate how you feel. Building a following can be a fun and rewarding experience but not if you base your worth solely on the number of likes you gets! There will be awesome pictures you post that don’t do well. There will be weeks where you don’t grow at all. As your page grows you may face rude or unpleasant comments. Ask yourself why you want your page to grow and make sure that it’s not to bolster your own self-worth. Happiness isn’t something that happens when your page hits 50k followers, it’s something that you work on everyday by being kind and loving to yourself and others.

I wish upon you all the happiness and success you could ever imagine!

Lots of love!


Arielle is an Instagram Influencer with over 70K Followers! Here's what she has to say about her Instagram Journey:

"Honestly, I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I got started. I just figured- I adventure to a lot of cool places and have a GoPro so why not take some pictures! I had no idea that in the course of 1.5 years my Instagram page would grow over 59k followers.. and honestly, I was in total shock. I will openly admit that my page growing included a spark of luck. Things have definitely changed since then. When I reached about 10-15k followers I had my home yoga studio ask me to start running their page.. I did all the same things as my own page but nothing seemed to happen! That's when I decided to learn what the "pros" were doing! In the first week of applying the new techniques I had learned I was able to triple their followers (I took the page from 500-1500 in 7 days!). Since then I've helped many clients and friends boost their number by the THOUSANDS. I hope these tips can help YOU get started."

Do you have some specific questions? Or looking for some one-on-one help? Click here for more info of Instagram consulting with Arielle.