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Dream Life Revolution -Signature Workshop Series


Intro to MeditatioN: Battling your mind ninjas

Close your eyes they say. Relax they say.. Let your mind go blank.. Have you tried to learn how to mediate only to find that the second you close your eyes it’s like a battle going down in your head? You are not alone! In fact, even when we look back into the yoga sutras we see that these “fluctuations of the mind” have always been one of the biggest internal battles we face as humans. This workshop is meant to be informative and practical for anyone new to meditation who is ready to face their mind ninjas and find a little more internal freedom. HI YAH!

Alignment Basics

Have you ever gone to a class and wondered to yourself, “Am I doing this pose right?” Or perhaps you want to practice at home but aren’t sure where to start. Maybe you are a newer teacher and you want to better understand the alignment of the more common postures so you are more empowered to help your students. This workshop is intended to help break down the alignment for the poses/flows you see regularly at a studio so that you can step into your practice with more confidence to move in a way that aligns with the biomechanics of your body. Expect to have some fun and to learn about your personal anatomy!   


Dream Bigger: Backbends and Manifestation

Manifesting has two steps: The dreaming and the doing. In the yoga community we hear A LOT about the dreaming part of the equation but not so much about the later. Manifestation requires action. We will take this time to contemplate not only what we want to manifest but how. We will use a back bending practice to open our hearts and explore the questions: What does my dream life look like and how am I going to get there?


Take the Leap: A Journey to Hanuman

Our lives are full of perceived roadblocks. Many of us tend to live our life with an “if-then” mentality. “If I make X amount of money than I will be able to relax.” “If I get into best shape of my life then I will be happy.” If we wait until of the conditions in our life are perfect to start our journeys we will end up waiting forever. We will use Hanuman as our guide leaping boldly across our metaphorical oceans to discover that we are capable of so much more than we could have ever imagined. There is no better time than now to take the leap!


Take Back the Daydream: Yoga Nidra and Sankalpa

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of guided relaxation that is finally getting its well deserved time in the spotlight. This practice is a transformational way to revitalize your nervous system and plant seeds of intention into your subconscious. We will spend part of the workshop discovering and clarifying a personal Sankalpa (intention/resolve for the future), partaking in a brief lecture about Yoga Nidra and its benefits, and then lastly a Yoga Nidra practice where students can plant the seeds of their Sankalpas starting the process of turning their daydreams into reality!



Inspiration is something you nurture! Let’s take some time to nurture ourselves. This workshop will take you deep into the present moment where you can drop into a space of Yinspiration. Physically, Yin Yoga is focused on our connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia, and even bones!) making them (and you) more apt to deal with the larger stresses faced off the mat. We will spend 2-7 minutes in each shape giving the body and mind the opportunity to surrender. Expect to leave relaxed, refreshed and deeply inspired.


Add On:

Namaste and Nutrition:

These events are intended to serve YOU and your community. They are hosted as a donation based class and the hosting studio/facility can pick the cause!

This event consists of a 1 hour all levels yoga class with a 20 min conversation about nutrition and how to more effortlessly flood your body with fruits and veggies.