Desert Dreams

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5 miles of paddling calls for a well-earned nap ;)

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It's that time of year where all mountain dwellers seem to instinctively flock towards warmer weather!

This year my boyfriend and I planned to attend a health convention in Phoenix around the end of April. We both had a few days off ahead of time so we decided to explore the area around Page, AZ. 

I had always known about the legendary Antelope Canyon. What I didn't know is that we could paddle into the slot canyon from where the runoff water that has shaped this iconic canyon eventually empties into Lake Powell!

We put in our paddle boards at Antelope Point and paddled around the edge of the lake to the entrance of the slot canyon. It was magical! The further back we went the narrower the walls became until eventually we ended up at the start of a hike. 

I was so grateful for my Teva Terra Float 2 Universal sandals because not only are they light weight and comfortable, but they are the perfect adventure shoe to explore the hike up the canyon after we reached the edge of the water. 

I highly recommend this adventure and these sandals from Zappos! A definitely bucket lister!

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Perfect shoes for a perfect day!

Ready for adventure!

Arielle Shipe