After miles of hiking up and up and up.. 

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Ok, ok.. so this is not when I would usually wear these sandals but it was DIVINE to take of my hiking shoes and strap these on at the top of this hike!! 

I'll keep this hike unnamed to protect its secret magic but I'll share with you some of my fav details! 

This hike was pretty much straight up. It started in a wooded area that hugged the side of a beautiful stream. When we emerged from the woods there was more uphill.. basically straight up until.. at some point the trail disappeared! We followed a dry creek bed up and up and up until we saw it! A pristine high alpine stream and just beyond it one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever been to.

I undid my hiking shoes and dipped my feet in the water and then strapped on my Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Spectrum Sandals. They were so light and comfy on my feet! Honestly, they feel like you're are walking on the most luxurious yoga mat ever- which as a yogi myself, feels like home to my feet! #stepandsmile

Although you'll mostly catch me wearing these sandals often on my "non-hiking days" I love how easy they are to throw in my backpack!

On to the next adventure!

<3 Arielle


Celebration of the amazing hike and breath taking views


The stream that poured out the lake was so beautiful!!!

Arielle Shipe