Fall colors in colorado! Mission: Leaf Peeping...

Good morning, and welcome back to my channel, if you are new here, my name is Arielle Shipe. I am actually new to the YouTube World, but I have been sharing a lot of my adventures on Instagram for the last couple of years, and if you follow me there, you know that outdoor adventure lifestyle, all those things are a huge part of my day-to-day thing, and I currently live in Colorado. I grew up here, and one of my favorite things about living here is that we get to experience all of the seasons, and so for people who don't have that luxury, it's always really fun to share with them all the different pieces, all the different colors and things like that, and this time of year, fall ... We're officially in fall, crazy.

I feel like this summer flew by, but fall in Aspen, we have tons and tons and tons of Aspen trees. Hence, the name, but these Aspen trees, they turn an amazing color of gold. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we get a little red and orange, but every year, we get this show of yellow and just this bright gold, and so a couple of days ago, my cousin texted me. She lives down in Denver, and they get some colors there, but just the size of our Aspen groves here is next level, so she texted me and asked if she could come up for the weekend to check out the leaves, and so I decided that I wanted to take her on one of my favorite hikes. It is a local Aspen hike. If you Google it, you will find ... I'm sure you will find it, but there is this amazing, golden grove of Aspen ... Well, they're whatever color the season is, but there's amazing grove of Aspen trees, and then at the top, there's a really, really beautiful lake and an awesome spot to hang out and have lunch, and so my mom, my cousin, and myself are all going to head out together, and I want to take you guys along with me to show you the whole adventure. So, let's go.

Hey, so it's not a very long hike. It's only about six miles round trip, so we don't need too much. I just have my hiking shoes, my camelback. It has about a liter and a half. I have my GoPro. I have a snack. I have a jacket in case I get cold, and then I will bring the camera that I'm filming with right now, which is my Sony A5100. It's my new vlogging camera.

All right. We're headed out the door. Got my backpack. We're going to eat those in the car. Bye, kitty. Bye. Cheers.

Oh, [crosstalk 00:02:58].

I convinced my mom to drive so that I could finish eating my breakfast, but we are in my car and, as you can see ... I don't know if you can totally see it. My windshield is super, super cracked.

I went to go get it fixed yesterday, but they ordered the wrong windshield, so it'll be fixed on Wednesday.

All right. Let's do this.

It seems like we're kind of coming up on the edge of where the yellow starts to end, and we head up a little bit higher, so check it out.

This is always my favorite lunch spot, just some good rocks to sit on, a amazing view. It's perfect.

We just got back from our hike, and we are starving, so we're getting lunch at one of my favorite places. I can't wait to show you guys food here is-


Very good.

The food here is amazing, and it's so beautiful.

All right. What'd you get?

The Thai chicken salad, I think.

What did you get, Mom?

I got Thai pasta salad with Ahi tuna.


This is really good.

This is and quinoa. So good.

It was just so good that I decided to finish Carly's, as well.

We are officially back from our hike. I am home now, and I am going to take a shower and then take a little bit to go through all of the footage that you guys have actually now already seen, and this is going to be kind of how the channel goes. We're going to take Mondays to be that Motivational Monday. If you haven't gone back and seen my first video, I talked a lot about the difference between being fearless and having courage, and then Wednesdays are going to be health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, things of that nature, and we'll take Fridays to get us psyched for the weekend, adventures, more like personal vlog, this type of thing.

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and like this video because it really supports my channel, especially right now at the very beginning, and if you have any thoughts or ideas for videos you'd like to see or if you have anything exciting that happens where you are in the fall, I'd love to hear about it.

Whether you guys work weekends or you have the weekend off or anything like that, I hope you guys have such an amazing Saturday, Sunday, and I will see you guys all on Monday.