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Hi, there. Welcome to my channel. I'm so glad you're here. You might know me from Instagram. My name is Arielle Shipe, and my Instagram handle is @arielleshipe.

If you follow me there, you know I like to post a lot of adventure, outdoor climbing, hiking, yoga, things of this nature, but there's so much more that I'm passionate about when it comes to taking care of your health, and for me, getting out in the outdoors is definitely the main way that I keep my body in good shape, just getting out and being active. It's also really helpful for me for my mental health, but there are a lot of other things that I do that maybe aren't so picture perfect Instagram-worthy, but I think it would be really helpful, so I want to take my Wednesday videos to share with you guys some of these other things, health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, meditation. You can always expect these Wednesday videos to be about that, a Wellness Wednesday. I don't know. We'll find a catchy name for it at some point or not. We'll just post videos.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about my ... a couple of my favorite breakfasts. Whenever I post a story of a picture of my loaded oats, I always get so many direct messages of people being like, "What are the ingredients? How do you make it?" So I want to walk you through how I do that. I want to walk you through a green juice that I drink that, to me, has been really, really helpful for micronutrients, antioxidants, reducing inflammation type of stuff, and then after I show you guys how everything's done, I'll talk a little bit about why I choose the ingredients that I choose and everything like that.

Basically, this morning, I have been so excited about starting this channel that I woke up really early. My mind was buzzing. I pulled out my computer, and I started trying to change the banner and start to add stuff, change text, and I am such a noob, so I definitely was struggling a little bit and my patience level was not as high as I would like to admit, so I was a little bit frustrated, and so I decided to drop everything and go to yoga, and I opened my drawer to get my sunglasses to hop on my bike ... My yoga's three miles away, so I always ride there, and I found these, and I haven't worn these. I got them from Burning Man, I don't know, four years ago, but I found these in my drawer, and I thought to myself, "Maybe this is the perfect way to get into a better mood," and I kid you not, you wear heart-shaped sunglasses and ride your bike to yoga, and more than half of the people that you ride by are going to smile at you, so that was really helpful to get me right back in a better mood, and then, obviously, yoga was great, and then I came home, took a quick shower, and I was starving, so I had to make this before I did this little intro video because girl got to eat.

All right. Cool. I'm going to take the first couple minutes to show you this green juice, and then I'm going to show you how I make these delicious loaded oats. See you soon.

These are all the ingredients I like to put in my morning juice, and this is the juicer that I use. The brand is Omega. I'm not sure the model, but it was the cheapest masticating juicer I could find. Obviously, prepping everything, you got to wash everything, as well, especially apples. They always have that layer of wax on them. Then, I like to cut up my apple and cut up my lemon so that it actually fits in the nose of the masticating juicer. It's a little bit smaller than if you had a citric [inaudible 00:03:32]. I think this part is pretty obvious. Just putting everything in. For some reason, I feel like this is the most satisfying thing to watch, this pile of juice or fruit pulp or, sorry, vegetable pulp to build, and then it's not the prettiest color. It tastes healthy, but I do like that little swirl, so cheers.

Now, for the oatmeal. We're going to start with a cup of water, and then pour that in your pan, and I add probably a half a cup of coconut milk, let that boil, and then once it's boiling, you can add in your cup of oats. One cup tends to be a lot more than I ever think, so, for me, one cup is more than enough, and then I turn the heat down a little bit so it doesn't burn. Give it a good stir. Add in some wild blueberries. These are my favorite thing, and they make it so, so tasty. Let that cook on that medium, medium/low setting, and give it a stir until all of that water has been absorbed.

Then, we're going to add the toppings. We have toppings ready. I like to add strawberries and bananas as fresh fruit. These are all pre-washed and I chop them all up and get them ready to go on the oatmeal as a topping. Then, from there, you can start to prepare your bowl. Load it up. I put all of the yummy fruits on top. Then, for me, the best part is all the extra toppings. You can see I have a whole cabinet of toppings. For this, I like to add coconut chips and cacao nibs, so lots of these coconut chips and a whole bunch of these cacao nibs. Then, I didn't have it pictured in here, but I also like to add honey, and then, here, you can see the finished serving of my amazing loaded oats and then that green juice.

I'm excited to hear what you guys think as you get in and start to make this, try it out for yourself, or let me know what sort of toppings you guys like to add. You can just throw any of those ideas down in the comments.

Like I said in the beginning of the video, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about why I choose the ingredients I choose and why this is my go-to breakfast and everything like that, and whenever it comes to the conversation of nutrition, I feel like people get violently aggressive as to their way is the right way, and I am not that way. I was for a really long time, and I don't think it really served myself or anyone that I was around. It created more disconnect than connect with people, and I think that if you do feel really strongly that the way that you do something is the right way, lead by example, instead of being an asshole, because you'll probably affect way more people that way. Anyways, I just want to say that because this is what works for me, and I'm totally okay with you disagreeing with it or having another opinion.

Basically, we are meant to have a lot of servings of fruits and veggies every day. I feel like that's something that we've known for a really long time, regardless of whether you're vegan or not vegan or paleo or whatever, none of the above. I think that's something everyone can agree on. I like when I can to have a juice. I acknowledge that I'm pretty fortunate to have a juicer, and most of the things I was putting into that juice are actually pretty affordable. That would not be an expensive juice to make on the regular, but just know that it's ... To me, it's an awesome addition, and if it's a piece of the puzzle that doesn't work for you, totally fine.

The reason I choose the different things, celery juice is supposedly supposed to mimic your stomach acid better than anything else. A lot of people have low stomach acid from all of the processed food that we're eating, and so we're not digesting our food all the way, and when we don't do that, we don't absorb all of the nutrients. I personally don't love celery. A lot of the other things in there are just things that I know that are good for me that make it taste better. Adding in the carrots, I know that carrot juice is good for your skin, and I think carrot juice tastes really good. Same with the apples, it just adds a little bit of extra flavor. Cilantro is really good for detox, especially from heavy metals. Heavy metals are called heavy metals because they are heavy, and they sink to the bottom and they settle in our system. Cilantro helps pull them up so that we can let them move through. Then, lastly, lemon. Lemon is a super powerful antioxidant, and it also is really great for digestion and skin health and energy.

As you can see, I don't do coffee, and that wasn't just today. I don't know. Coffee, to me, makes me crazy. I don't have a problem with it. You can totally drink coffee if it works for you, but maybe one day I'll drink coffee and film a video, and then you guys can see. For me, that lemon juice gives it that vibrancy and, sometimes, I'll add ginger, and that also gives it that little boost, and it tastes good. I just didn't have any ginger today.

Then, when it comes to the oatmeal, I was doing a smoothie every morning for breakfast, and I love them, but I took this selfie on Instagram, and one of my friend ... I stuck my tongue out in it, and one of my friends called me, and she was like, "I hope you don't mind. I did a thing." I was like, "What does that mean?" She called me and we were chatting and she was like, "You know, I saw your picture of your tongue, and it looked a little funny, so I screenshotted it, and I sent it to our friend," who just graduated from naturopathic medicine school. I don't remember. It was oriental medicine. She is a doctor in this now. I wish I knew better the exact title.

Anyways, she checked it out and her diagnosis was that I was eating too much raw food and not digesting it, so like I was talking about with the celery juice, when you're stomach acid is not as strong as it should be, a lot of times, we don't have the stomach power to absorb all the nutrients from all the raw foods, so even though I think it's really good for us, we have to look at ourselves in a whole picture and work on that. I decided it was important to make the switch to cooked foods, or that was her recommendation, and oatmeal is always my staple in the winter, and so I started obviously with the base of coconut milk and water. I find that a lot of nut stuff doesn't ... just causes weird inflammation with my tongue. I've had issues with my tongue, with tongue inflammation for the last couple years, and that's probably a story for another ... a video for another day, but when I have a lot of almond milk and things like that, and this is just lately, in the last couple of years, it doesn't go well, so coconut milk, to me, has been a great substitute, and I know that it's good for antibacterial, antiviral for your gut health so that your gut can get rid of the bad pathogens by producing more good bacteria and things like that.

Then, I add into it wild blueberries, which are actually higher in antioxidants than their counterpart of just regular blueberries, and I did not know this until recently, but if you look at a wild blueberry, they're super tiny and they're really vibrant, and then a regular blueberry, when you burst them open, sometimes, they're dull inside, so I find that the wild blueberries, one, they just taste better, but they pack a little bit more of that micronutrition punch.

Then, what else is on there? Cacao nibs. I just like the texture, and I think they're ... From what I understand, they're pretty good for you. They have also high antioxidant content, which is great for battling oxidation. Coconut shreds and then banana and strawberries. I just love the little fruit on top, and fruit is really high in antioxidants.

I know that people have all sorts of different opinions on whether they think fruit is good for you or not. In my opinion, sugar from fruit is very different than sugar from Oreo cookies or something like that. Personally, I think when I look at fruit, I don't look at them as sugar. I look at them as micronutrition, as the fact that they're packed with all sorts of phytochemicals that are good for your health and things like that, and I try not to oversimplify them and just look at them as sugar because, to me, there's a big difference. There's a really big nutritional difference between fruit and sugar, and so if you choose to not eat fruit because you avoid all sugar, that's totally your choice. For me, I feel like it works really well, and I feel way more energized, way more vibrant, and I find that when I'm integrating fruit in a appropriate way, that it has been really, really helpful for my skin health and for helping me reduce inflammation in the body.

That is one of my favorite go-to breakfasts. I hope you guys try it out, and I just want to acknowledge that this might be a weekend breakfast. It does take a little bit longer to make, although you can make it while you're getting ready. You don't have to sit there and stare at it while it cooks. It doesn't take as long as you would think, as long as you start it before you start doing the other things in the morning, but a little trick, if you really are short on time in the morning, say you work at 8:00 AM, you can make overnight oats. You just put the coconut milk, blueberries, and water and oats in a Tupperware overnight, and you want to make sure there's enough liquid in there so that it will absorb, and then you seal it, you put it in the fridge overnight, and when you wake up in the morning, the oats will have absorbed all of the liquid or most of it, and then you can just throw on your toppings and your breakfast is good to go, just like that.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I am so grateful that you're here this first week of videos on my channel. If you have any ideas of videos you'd like to see or if you have any ideas for your favorite oatmeal toppings or your go-to breakfast or anything like that, throw it down in the comments. I'm excited to read all of them, and I'm excited to get to know everybody in this growing community, and then don't forget to hit the subscribe button and like this video because it really helps my channel, especially right now in the beginning. I'm super excited to bring you so much more fun, exciting, good tips, whatever you want to call it. We'll see you next time.