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Health Breakfast: My signature loaded oats! | Arielle Shipe

You might know me from Instagram. My name is Arielle Shipe, and my Instagram handle is @arielleshipe. If you follow me there, you know I like to post a lot of adventure, outdoor climbing, hiking, yoga, things of this nature, but there's so much more that I'm passionate about when it comes to taking care of your health, and for me, getting out in the outdoors is definitely the main way that I keep my body in good shape, just getting out and being active.

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My first YouTube video! Overcoming fear, death, and judgement...

All right, my first YouTube video. I'm so excited to be here. I was thinking of what I was going to do for this first video, and I have so many things running around in my mind that I want to share with you. So many tips and tricks, and just lifestyle thing, and just sharing a little bit of how I live my life and everything like that. If you watch the trailer to my channel you can get a sense of all of the amazing things that are coming. But I was like, "Where do I start? Where do I begin this?" So, I wanted to make my Monday videos really like a Motivation Monday, or a Mindset Monday kind of thing. Just sharing stories, and tips and tricks, and tools, and things that you guys can actually take and use in your regular life.

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